Blog: Build your own Hangglider and Paraglider Winch

Design of sled

The sled consists of a Ø73mm pulley from gym equipment (easy accessible), sliding gate cantilever track, a 1/2″ chain with two 18 teeth sprockets, a strong closed-loop stepper motor, worm gear and two wide input power supplies for the driver.


This stepper motor is a key component in the design and a very easy, lowtech way of achieving absolut synchronous  positioning.

Other solutions exist ie. servomotors, frequency converters with performance firmware, and normal frequency converters where the absolute position is aproximated by the integral of the actual speed or reference speed.

But non of these are affordable for only 250 euro incl. stepper motor, driver and worm gear.


Libraries are availiable in Codesys to convert a 32bit positioning reference signal in the PLC program to the pulse- and direction signal at the output of the PLC.
See the PLC-program for more details.

Stepper motor

This is the schmetics of the stepper motor.

Here is the datasheet.